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mel bankoff

Mel Bankoff

Our Future Team Captain and PSS Director

PSS founder and executive director Mel Bankoff is the founder of 4 non-profit organizations and a national organic food business, and has dedicated his time, energy, and passion in service to youth for almost two decades. He is your connection to the top-notch resources and partner organizations throughout the state.

joshua frankel

Joshua Frankel

Our Future Project Coordinator and Webmaster

Joshua is your main point of contact for Our Future. Please contact him to get started, or if you have any questions. Joshua is also here for all your web/online communications questions.

Tami Darden our future coordinator

Tami Darden

Sustainability Education Coordinator / Our Future Co-Coordinator

Tami has an extensive background in environmental education and curriculum development for both indoor and outdoor settings. She leads the Green Partnership Schools program for PSS, and co-coordinates the Our Future program.

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