David Douglas High

Brief history of how our school, and its students, have addressed environmental, climate, racial justice and/or social justice work:

David Douglas High School supports environmental, racial, and social justice through:

  • Establishing in-school clubs regarding gardening and climate action club.
  • Making recycling a must by placing many bins across the schools.
  • Offering "Sustainability" class as optional science/elective credit available to all grades (9th-12th).
  • Our monthly school board meetings welcome anyone to attend and speak about any causes they stand for.
  • Our diverse teachers and staffs have monthly meetings where they share students' struggles they see on campus for actions.
  • By 2024, David Douglas High School plans to remodel the school and improve the infrastructure by diverging into sustainability.

Club goals, priorities and interests (that are aligned with Our Future)

  • Community action and civic engagement (e.g. marches/rallies, public speaking, letter writing campaigns).
  • Being involved with legislative actions.
  • Becoming certified as an Oregon Green School (or upgrading to the next level).
  • Enhance your waste reduction practices (e.g. composting, paper use, recycling, beverage containers, reusable utensils in the cafeteria).
  • Training opportunities for other students at your school (e.g. climate science, how to get involved in environmental/social justice issues).
  • Increase club membership (including recruiting Freshman/Sophomores into your club/team).

Main Student Contacts

Twyla, a junior, is looking to start a Sustainable Club for the year 2021-2022 at DDHS, please contact them directly for this info (email: twylarose11@gmail.com).