Our Future is, first and foremost, about student leadership and networking. Here is a little information about each of the 2022-23 Regional Leaders, many of whom have been literally co-creating this network since January of 2021:

Amy Henrikson, Junior, Lincoln HS: Climate justice impacts us on all scales—globally, nationally, and locally. Connecting with each other is vital to the environmental justice movement and is the goal of Our Future. I am passionate about working with other Oregon students and organizers in Portland as we look toward a healthy, healing future.”

Alex Wang, Junior, Lake Oswego High School: “I am excited to work with Our Future Program and collaborate with people of the same interest to address environmental issues and spread social awareness on sustainability. In addition, I hope to extend beyond my current interest in engineering and computer science, with initiatives and projects that can make an impact on my community and my school.”

Amelia Prins, Junior, South Salem High School: “I am excited for our work at Our Future because I love being around nature and animals, and I want to do whatever I can to protect Oregon’s natural beauty around us. I enjoy nature by hiking, camping, traveling, spending time with animals, and running cross country. I hope that we will be able to start moving my school and city towards a more sustainable future. I can’t wait to see what we get to do this year!”

 Avery Erdmann, Sophomore, West Salem High School: “I’m a part of the Environmental Club at my school, and I love the idea that Our Future allows students to take on leadership roles towards climate action. This year, I’m hoping to connect with students outside of my school to start some new projects.”

Chelsea Prasad, Senior, Lake Oswego High School: “I am a leader in my school’s Green Team and a student in our Sustainability class, working on various projects from climate literacy to compost. I hope that with Regional Leaders, I can continue to advocate for systematic sustainability and work with other passionate students.”

Chloe Gilmore, Sophomore, Lincoln High School: “I’m passionate about finding and implementing solutions to issues regarding social and environmental justice because it impacts our world on all levels. I hope to inspire others to take action and spread messages of environmental activism while uplifting others’ voices.”
Cora Turner, Freshman, Ashland High School: “I’m so excited to be working with Our Future. I’ve always been passionate about climate issues and social justice. Our Future has been extremely helpful in letting me affect change at my school. I love working with other students across Oregon to better our state. ”
Erika Leung, Sophomore, Lincoln High School: “I am passionate about environmental and social justice, as well as student civic engagement. Through Our Future, I hope to build a stronger community that’s committed to providing sustainable solutions to the climate issue.”

Gayatri Gadre, Sophomore, Westview High School: “I’ve always been interested in climate action, and I’m very excited for the opportunity to work with the Our Future Program so I can take a deeper look into what actions I can take. I believe that trying to better the state of our community is essential and being a part of the Our Future team, I get to help make some real changes that leave an impact.”

Goush Shaik, Freshman, South Eugene High School: “I am passionate about the impact that humans have on our climate and want to have a more hands-on role combating climate change.”

Johanna Ritter West, Senior, Cleveland High School: “I am so thrilled to be part of Our Future and getting this opportunity to make a real change. I have been learning a lot about our environment in and Environmental Sciences and Societies class and this helps me be knowledgeable the systems that surround us while being an activist in our community.”

John Bateman, Sophomore, West Salem High School: I am excited to be a part of Our Future because I want to help my school become more focused  on doing its part to help solve environmental issues. I am also looking forward to working with other students all across the state who are attempting to accomplish the same thing.”

Kate Rodriguez, Junior, Klamath Union High School: “I am very passionate about environmental action within my community. Our Future has created a way for me to be connected across the state with my fellow students learning how to work together, educate ourselves, those around us, and take action as high school students.”

Kiara Burnside, Junior, Corvallis High School: “I am so excited to work with Our Future because its giving me the opportunity to make a real change within my school and community. I am looking forward to working with other students in both my school and many other schools across Oregon. I hope to work on some projects this year that will change my school for the better and influence future students to stand up and make changes when needed. “
Kamorah Lake, Sophomore, Willamette High School: “I feel so honored to be a part of this group for the first time! Growing up, I wasn’t very aware of climate change. I saw and felt how the world had changed, but didn’t realize it was because of humans. So, when I learned about the climate crisis, I promised myself to try to do all I can do to reverse its effects. I applied for this internship to help bring awareness to and to spark progress regarding climate action. I also joined this program so that I could learn more about the climate crisis myself, and be able to have a positive impact on our world. I believe that all students should have a right to climate education, and want to be able to help improve climate justice programs in my school and my community, so everyone can help in this process. I love this world and all the beauty in it so much, and want to be able to preserve it for generations to come.”
Lila Wagner, Senior, Cleveland High School: “I took a class at my high school that focused on civic education. I want to continue expanding my knowledge about the environment and how it intersects with law while also spreading awareness and demanding change.”

Lily Yao, Freshman, South Eugene High: “I am passionate about the advancement of social and climate justice as well as youth leadership. Our Future gives me the opportunity to work with these causes and I look forward to working with like minded peers all across the state of Oregon!”

Maddie Joyce, Freshman, Caldera High School:I love nature and everything in it and want to be a veterinarian.  I am really excited to be a part of Our Future!”

Matea LaFrenz, Sophomore, Caldera High School: “I’m super excited and grateful to be a student in Our Future. I love nature and the beautiful landscapes of Oregon and want to keep them beautiful. The less we do to address climate change now, the more regulation we will have in the future and I am very excited Our Future has given students a place to help.”

Maggie O’Sullivan, Junior, Bend High School: “I am super excited to be a part of Our Future and part of the positive change Oregon’s youth is working towards. I am passionate about the protection of our natural spaces and endangered species. I hope to use this to inspire the people around me to become more environmentally conscious and compassionate towards our planet!”

Melissa Miranda, Sophomore, Early College High School: “I look forward to participating in Our Future as a youth! I believe this is an opportunity for our voices to be heard. I hope to learn and share my knowledge regarding climate justice with others.”

Nima Tholiyil, Sophomore, Westview High: “I’ve always heard about climate change but didn’t feel educated enough to actually make a difference. Our future has been a great opportunity not just to educate myself but also to develop other skills like leadership and organization. I hope to make a real impact and build strong connections along the way.”

Olive Nye, Junior, Bend Senior High School: “I am a Bend High Environmental Club member, have worked with my local environmental center, and am a Regional Leader for Our Future. This year, I hope to implement a composting system and reduce phantom energy use at my high school and learn more about how climate change disproportionately affects different groups of people.”
Safia Aweys, Junior, Cleveland High School: “I have always been passionate about environmental action. The reason I joined Our Future was because, not only did I want to raise awareness and make a positive impact, but I also wanted to learn more about climate change and educate myself. “

Sam Hart, Sophomore, Early College High School: “As someone who’s always been passionate about climate change I am so excited to be a part of Our Future. With such an amazing group of teen leaders I know we’ll be able to make positive changes all over the state.”

Sophia Aldrich, Freshman, Lakeridge High School: “I’ve been an advocate for climate justice since I was younger and when I heard about this program through my sustainability class, I knew it was something I’d enjoy doing. I love the fact that Our Future allows students from across the region to partake in something like this. It allows for different mindsets to come together and work on something significant.”

Will Mowry, Freshman, Bend High School: “I am super excited to work with Our Future to make a difference in my community, and to help make impactful changes in how we fight climate change! The environment and natural world have always been a huge part of my life, and I want to make sure that other kids in the future can have these wonderful experiences I have had the privilege of having.”

Zoe Brash, Freshman, Lakeridge High School: “I’ve always been passionate about environmental and equity issues, and I am excited to have this opportunity to help my community through Our Future! I enjoy cooking and fencing in my free time. I hope I can make a lasting impact in my community.”