Legislative Project Team

Team Members

Charlotte Triulzi, Erika Leung, Gayatri Gadre, Sophia Aldrich, Chloe Gilmore, Melissa Miranda, Amelia Prins, Lottie Rohde, Maddie Joyce, Kate Rodriguez, Zoe Brash, Goush Shaik, Matea LaFrenz, Norah Perkins, Amara Lowe

Schools Represented

Bend/Redmond- Caldera High School, Ridgeview High School
Salem- South Salem High School, Early College High School
Eugene- South Eugene High School, Churchill High School
Portland- Lincoln High School, Westview High School
Lake Oswego- Lakeridge High School
Klamath Falls- Klamath Falls High School
Ashland- Ashland High School
Milwaukie- Rex Putnam High School

Team Leads

Amelia Prins – Team Leader- 685923@salemkeizer.org
Lottie Rohde – Team Leader – lottielu@gmail.com
Charlotte Triulzi – Communications Representative – charlottetriulzi@gmail.com

Promotional Video for OECE (NOTE: LC 1463 referred to in the video, is now called SB 854.)

Who we are:

The Legislative group focuses on supporting various bills that want to make changes to the ways we approach climate change.

What we do:

  • Support OECE
    • OECE: This bill will implement the use of a K-12 curriculum to educate youth about climate change and how it affects Oregon. The curriculum will be integrated into a variety of existing classes. This will not only help students understand the impact of climate change, but help broaden their perspective of what is currently being taught in schools. Students will learn about subjects such as the minorities affected more severely by climate change, and how to minimize waste. This will also further develop ideas of sustainability, both within students and teachers. The new curriculum will be accessible for students of all backgrounds in Oregon.
    • UPDATE! LC 1463 got a bill number, it is now called SB-854. It has received a public hearing date taking place on March 9 at 3:00-4:30pm.
  • Support SB-421
    • SB-421: This bill suggests a youth advisory council consisting of students from minority groups. They will be joined by adults with experience in schooling as well as those representing diverse cultural organizations. This council aims to support youth leadership networks by making suggestions to the Governor’s office, Youth Development Division, and the Legislative Assembly. As part of the council, students can create connections with their peer’s leadership networks, allowing for more relevant perspectives and more efficient solutions for problems at hand. This bill will help improve the social environment of schools in Oregon.
    • UPDATE! This bills public hearing is taking place on February 28 at 3:00pm.


  • Create promotional videos to bring awareness to new bills


  • Work on media outreach


  • Participate in Legislative Days


  • Advocating at many different schools


  • Write letters to Senators


Ways to get involved:

If you have more questions, contact our Team Leads!

Lead contacts are listed above