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[Our Future is a project of Partners for Sustainable Schools]

Our Future: Oregon's Youth Leadership Alliance for Sustainability and Social Justice

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What does Our Future entail?

  • A network of high school students participating in environmental and social justice clubs, supported by club advisors, non-profits, and other community leaders around the state of Oregon.
  • A notification/communication system to allow high school students and their adult allies to share information about events, projects and activities.
  • Leadership training, online and in-person, for participating students throughout the alliance.
  • Assistance with team development.
  • Educational opportunities, available to teachers, providing standards-based lessons on leadership, the environment and social justice. (Currently being developed.)

Led by Partners for Sustainable Schools, Our Future is a an alliance of youth leaders and adult allies. Together we are working to make a healthier, environmentally sustainable, and just future for our world. We invite you to participate in everything the alliance has to offer.


“The future depends on what you do today.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Why Our Future?

  • Only through collaborative efforts can we face what is happening in our world!
  • Empowered students, with the support and guidance of Oregon non-profits and other adult allies, can accomplish AMAZING things!