Our Future's Mission Statement: To create a statewide, multigenerational network that amplifies student voices in addressing climate change and climate justice—in Oregon schools, communities, and beyond.

OUR FUTURE is a project of Partners for Sustainable Schools, located in Oregon

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What “Our Future” is All About

The information below is inspired by the Our Future Student Leadership Advisory Team, a group of 40 students who met in Spring 2021, to develop the program. Click the side arrows to advance to next image.

Our Future Newsletter 2024 – Early Spring

Welcome to the Early Spring 2024 Edition of our newsletter! Please use the controls at the bottom edge of the newsletter to:(1) choose fullscreen,(2) move left and right to browse through the 13 pages, or,(3) share with friends.If you have any questions, please email...

Our Future Newsletter 2024 – Winter

Welcome to the Winter 2024 Edition of our newsletter! Please use the controls at the bottom edge of the newsletter to: (1) choose fullscreen, (2) move left and right to browse through the 8 pages, or (3) share with friends. If you have any questions, please email us...

Meet the Team: OF 2023-2024

We are "Regional Leaders" in the Our Future network. Most participating schools have 2 Regional Leaders who lead the program at each school. There can also be "Call-to-Action (CTA) members" that sign up to read our newsletter, get involved in actions we send out, etc....

OF Student Testimonials

Our Future – Student Testimonials – 2022/2023 school year Being a part of Our Future helped me feel like I was making a positive difference at the state level. So often as teens, we can feel limited in what we can do to impact our communities, Our Future helped me get...

May-June 2023 Newsletter

Our Future Newsletter: May/June 2023 Thank you for staying informed about what Our Future is working on, both in individual schools and as a statewide network. The newsletter content is primarily produced by Our Future's Regional Leaders team and the OF Newsletter...

Our Future – Climate Action, Climate Solutions

Online Workshop Series: Presented by the Our Future high school leadership network, and Partners for Sustainable Schools.YOU are invited to our latest workshop series! First in the series: “Climate Action, Climate Solutions” 
on Wed., January 18th (7:00pm to 8:30pm)...

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Why Our Future?

Only through collaborative efforts can we face what is happening in our world!

Empowered students, with the support and guidance of Oregon non-profits and other adult allies, can accomplish AMAZING things! Get started now…

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