Oregon's Youth Leadership Network for Climate Action and Climate Justice
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Our Future's Mission Statement:

To create a statewide student-led network that amplifies student voices in addressing climate change and climate justice in Oregon schools, communities, and beyond.

OUR FUTURE is a project of Partners for Sustainable Schools, located in Oregon

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What “Our Future” is All About

The information below is inspired by the Our Future Student Leadership Advisory Team, a group of 40 students who met in Spring 2021, to develop the program. Click the side arrows to advance to next image.

Welcome – Climate Action

What's it about? The "Climate Action" blog category includes articles related to what people are doing, or can do, to help reduce Green House Gas (GHG) levels in our atmosphere. According to the U.S. EPA website "Greenhouse gases trap heat and make the planet warmer....

Connection, Communication, and Compost

Our Future (OF) provides a network for students to connect and share ideas and experiences. It is a space where students can discuss and learn from one another. Our discussions help us reach conclusions and form solutions. Before I was involved in OF, our...

Welcome – Latest News

What's it about? Articles in this category will outline what high school student participants, and their adult supporters, are doing to make Our Future a successful network throughout Oregon.

Welcome – Taking Action At Your School

What's it about? The "Taking Action At Your School" blog category is for high school students involved in an existing club, or starting or a new one. The information in this category helps develop the structure, roles and details that can help you maintain your club...

Getting Started Guide

Most clubs will benefit from having a permanent adult advisor. This can be a teacher, school counselor, administrator…

Strengthening Your Existing Environmental/Social Justice Club

Assessing Where You Are Do you have an existing club at your school that is floundering a bit due to low membership (because of club member graduations or other challenges)? Did your school have a club in previous years that you want to re-start? Your first step is to...

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Why Our Future?

Only through collaborative efforts can we face what is happening in our world!

Empowered students, with the support and guidance of Oregon non-profits and other adult allies, can accomplish AMAZING things! Get started now…

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