We are “Regional Leaders” in the Our Future network.

Most participating schools have 2 Regional Leaders who lead the program at each school. There can also be “Call-to-Action (CTA) members” that sign up to read our newsletter, get involved in actions we send out, etc. If you would like to be a CTA member, there is a link at the bottom of this page (and on our homepage).

Alex Wang, Junior, Lake Oswego High School: “I am excited to work with Our Future Program and collaborate with people of the same interest to address environmental issues and spread social awareness on sustainability. In addition, I hope to extend beyond my current interest in engineering and computer science, with initiatives and projects that can make an impact on my community and my school.”

 Avery Erdmann, Sophomore, West Salem High School: “I’m a part of the Environmental Club at my school, and I love the idea that Our Future allows students to take on leadership roles towards climate action. This year, I’m hoping to connect with students outside of my school to start some new projects.”

Chloe Gilmore, Sophomore, Lincoln High School: “I’m passionate about finding and implementing solutions to issues regarding social and environmental justice because it impacts our world on all levels. I hope to inspire others to take action and spread messages of environmental activism while uplifting others’ voices.”

Cleo Gross, Senior, Willamette High School: “Environmental action has always been something I’ve felt very strongly about, and I’m very excited for the opportunity to make an impact with an organization like this. I’m hoping that my involvement in this program can encourage many others around me to also seek out ways they can make a similar impact.”

Cora Turner, Freshman, Ashland High School: “I’m so excited to be working with Our Future. I’ve always been passionate about climate issues and social justice. Our Future has been extremely helpful in letting me affect change at my school. I love working with other students across Oregon to better our state. ”

Erika Leung, Sophomore, Lincoln High School: “I am passionate about environmental and social justice, as well as student civic engagement. Through Our Future, I hope to build a stronger community that’s committed to providing sustainable solutions to the climate issue.”

Esther Solomon, Senior, Centennial High School: “I am grateful to connect with other Oregonian students over environmental justice. Community provides a bright path for our future; I hope our sustainability focus in our counties and schools will inspire more of us to become intentional in fighting climate change.”

Helena Du, Sophomore, Lakeridge High School: “I am excited to work with Our Future because I have always been interested in the sciences and making a difference in my community. Through this opportunity, I have been able to expand my knowledge and become more aware of the natural environment, and I am excited to be able to be a part of helping raise awareness within my community!​”

John Bateman, Sophomore, West Salem High School: I am excited to be a part of Our Future because I want to help my school become more focused  on doing its part to help solve environmental issues. I am also looking forward to working with other students all across the state who are attempting to accomplish the same thing.”

Katryn Gilbert, Senior, Sheldon High School: “I am very excited to be a part of Our Future because all actions taken against climate change are vital to ensuring a safe and successful future for our generation and generations to come. Promoting campaigns for sustainability and equality within our Oregon communities is so impactful on local and state levels. I am very passionate about initiating positive change, and I am so thankful that Our Future offers a way for high school students to be a part of the journey to safer and greener schools and communities.”

Kitty Lee Anderson, Junior, North Salem High School: “Being part of a program that brings students together and makes a positive change on this earth means a lot to me. It can be incredibly hard to find other students who care about climate change at the same level, but it’s possible here. Our Future has been a big support by introducing us to composting at our schools and other beneficial practices in our cafeterias, which has contributed to our efforts in sustainability. By being in this program I hope to be able to inspire other students to take the initiative to start being more environmentally friendly!”

Lily Yao, Freshman, South Eugene High: “I am passionate about the advancement of social and climate justice as well as youth leadership. Our Future gives me the opportunity to work with these causes and I look forward to working with like minded peers all across the state of Oregon!”

Melissa Miranda, Sophomore, Early College High School: “I look forward to participating in Our Future as a youth! I believe this is an opportunity for our voices to be heard. I hope to learn and share my knowledge regarding climate justice with others.”

Mikayla May, Freshman, Caldera High School: “I am so honored to be part of Our Future. My passion in life is connection and helping others. The experience I will gain from this internship will teach me how to create impactful change. I can’t wait to see what I’ll be able to achieve this year!”

Nora Whalen, Senior, South Eugene High School: “I have found working with Our Future to be a very valuable experience. Although I am a part of the environmental club at my school, it is exciting to work on a statewide level with other youth who are as passionate about climate advocacy as I am. Through Our Future, I look forward to advancing the sustainability efforts at my school. Additionally, I’m excited to explore how my involvement in Our Future can intersect with other aspects of my life. I love spending time outdoors, and I hope to play a role in conserving our planet for future generations!​”

Sara Economou, Senior, Westview High School: “Climate Change affects us all and in turn that is what connects us. To reduce emissions and tackle systemic issues that have been negatively impacting the Oregon community, I choose to be part of Our Future. Thus, I am excited to work with Our Future to dig for efficient environmental solutions alongside a diverse team!”

Shiloh Capiak, Senior, Sheldon High School: “Working with Our Future enables me to connect with students passionate about climate far beyond the boundaries of my high school. In addition to establishing meaningful relationships, I’ve immersed myself in activism, learned about our changing climate, and contributed to causes I am passionate about. Through these efforts, I am actively contributing to securing a safer and greener future for myself, my community, and generations to come.​”

Sophie Minot, Senior, Crescent Valley High School: “I am very excited to work with Our Future because lasting change feels so much more achievable when you can work as a team with equally driven people. I also am thrilled to have this group of amazing people as a support system, we can all lean on each other when we are tackling problems that may seem hopeless.”

Tess Nestel, Sophomore, Grant High School: “I’m very passionate about climate justice and have been since I was a little kid. I really love spending time outside going for walks, and I especially love the Oregon coast. I’m excited to work with our future to be involved in something that I’m interested in and work on something bigger than myself.”

Will Mowry, Freshman, Bend High School: “I am super excited to work with Our Future to make a difference in my community, and to help make impactful changes in how we fight climate change! The environment and natural world have always been a huge part of my life, and I want to make sure that other kids in the future can have these wonderful experiences I have had the privilege of having.”

Zoe Brash, Freshman, Lakeridge High School: “I’ve always been passionate about environmental and equity issues, and I am excited to have this opportunity to help my community through Our Future! I enjoy cooking and fencing in my free time. I hope I can make a lasting impact in my community.”