Our Future – Student Testimonials – 2022/2023 school year

Being a part of Our Future helped me feel like I was making a positive difference at the state level. So often as teens, we can feel limited in what we can do to impact our communities, Our Future helped me get beyond that thought and see my actions be played out at the state level. I got a sense of accomplishment from the program.
~ Senior – Churchill High (Eugene)

Our Future is an amazing group of students and mentors, all pushing for positive change, and I am so grateful to have had this learning opportunity! I received so much support from the PSS staff, as they helped me navigate the many logistics of making sustainability changes within my school. Our Future is a growing network, and with this growth we have been able to achieve so much, from implementing composting systems into schools, to creating environmental advisory boards for specific school districts! Through this internship I was exposed to the policy side of environmental studies, exposure which will definitely play a role in my plans for university. I highly recommend this internship to anyone who is inspired to make any change, no matter how big or small, within their community, because Our Future is the perfect network to start this change.
~ Junior, Bend Senior High School

Our Future has enabled students across the state to connect as we work toward the common goal of a livable future. In addition to meeting people in my region, working with passionate people from other areas in Oregon is empowering and allows for our collective actions to be more impactful, particularly for statewide issues. I look forward to seeing what incredible things Our Future can accomplish in the coming years.
~ Senior, Lincoln High School (Portland)

My internship for Our Future has helped me understand the expectations and responsibilities of having a job. It has given me a job experience that I can add to my resume, but for me its not just that. I feel like I am helping implement change in my community and helping the world with my actions.
~ Freshman, Lakeridge High School (Lake Oswego)

Our Future Oregon has helped me learn the skills needed to advocate for a cause. At Our future Oregon, I got to meet so many other teens who care about making a change, and I’m really grateful that I’ve had this opportunity.
~ Freshman, Ashland High

I have really enjoyed working alongside youth from all across Oregon advocating for climate solutions. Participating in Our Future, there’s a sense of community that comes with working together over a common cause. I see Our Future tackling future legislation bills, and implementing real change at school board levels. This internship has allowed me to explore future career interests of mine, primarily in policy & environmental studies. I am excited to work with likeminded people, enacting change across Oregon.
~ Junior – South Eugene High

This program helped me to see that I have lot of peers around the state who are passionate about fighting for climate justice. Before I joined Our Future, I cared about the climate, but I had no direction. The staff at PSS offered many different project tasks which gave me the opportunity to help in areas that matter to me. Our Future is still very young, and I can see us growing into a network of schools rather than a network of students, helping schools find eco-friendly solutions that are specific to them.
~ Junior, Rex Putnam High (Milwaukie)

Participating in Our Future has been an amazing experience. The opportunity to attend workshops and conventions with them gave me many chances to improve my networking and public speaking skills, and I’ve discovered my love for educating about climate justice. The Salem-Keizer school district is taking big steps to become more eco-friendly thanks to Our Future, and being a part of the change like this is such a golden opportunity.
~ Sophomore, Early College High (Salem)