Tools & Resources

Please contact us with any questions about these resources, or if you have something to add to this list.

Environmental Justice

NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People)

NAACP Oregon Chapters

OPAL (Organizing People / Activating Leaders)

Environmental Education

EEAO (Environmental Education Association of Oregon)

NAAEE (North American Association for Environmental Education)

OELP (Oregon Environmental Literacy Plan)
Standards Integration:

EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)

SEER (State Education and Environment Roundtable)

SOREEL (Southern Oregon Regional Environmental Education Leaders)

Youth Activists

Dialogue and Conflict Resolution

Center for Dialogue and Resolution:

Other Climate Action Organizations

Elders Climate Action
Oregon Chapter: (to email them for info)

Florence Climate Emergency Campaign
Facebook Page:

This Climate Does Not Exist (Graphic visualizations of what climate change might do to your home, school or neighborhood):
What Now:
Oregon Chapters (list of links):

Green School Certification

OGS/EcoSchool (Oregon)

EarthGen (formerly Washington Green Schools)

Adult Participation

ESN (EcoSchool Network)

PTA/PTO (Parent Teacher Association/Parent Teacher Organization)
– Various contacts by school/region

City/County Contacts & Websites

Various contacts by region
Neighborhood association (various contacts by city)
Climate Action Plans

Colleges & Universities

OSU (Oregon State University)
Climate Action Website:

UO (University of Oregon)
Climate Action Website:

Northwest Climate Adaptation Science Center

Dept. of Education

ODE (Oregon Department of Education) / State Board of Education

State Legislation/Programs

Transportation Climate Action Plan

Dept. of Transportation/Climate Office

Dept. of Environmental Quality/Action on Climate Change

Oregon’s Climate Change Adaptation Framework


Gray Family Foundation

OCF (Oregon Community Foundation)
Grants and Scholarships:


MEERA (My Environmental Education Evaluation Resource Assistant)

Nature Conservatory/Oregon Climate Action




Governor Brown’s “Oregon Climate Action Plan” (March 2020) –

Governor Brown’s “Clean Fuels Program” (March 2020) –

Oregon’s Climate Action Plan crosses first milestone (June 2020) –

“It’s the 11th hour for climate action in Salem” –

“Has Eugene, Oregon, found a ‘superpower’ for climate action?” –

“How Climate Action Fizzled in Cascadia” –

“Without Cap And Trade, Oregon’s Climate Goals Look More Out Of Reach” –

“Nuts, Bolts, and Pitfalls of Carbon Pricing: An Equity-Based Primer on Paying to Pollute (Why Carbon Pricing and Trading Is a False Solution) –

“Washington Passed its Cap-and-Trade Climate Legislation. Now What?” –