Support SB-421: Student Racial Justice and Equity Advisory for Oregon (Non-Student Version)

We have included the following options for submitting a support letter for SB-421. Here is a summary of those options:

1) Automated Method: This will create an email that comes from our letter campaign service ( If you’re short on time, this method works just fine.

2) Copy & Paste Method: This method comes directly from your email address! It takes a little more time to complete, but it may send a stronger message. (It’s wayyyyy down there on this page – autoscroll here.)

We also have an informational document you can check out prior to writing your email:
Click Here to check that out! (NOTE: the info doc opens in a new tab.)



Method 1: Automated


Method 2: Copy and Paste

1) Please open your email, and create a new email (compose). You will be copying and pasting information into your new email.

2) Use the following email addresses for the Senate Committee On Education:

Copy their email addresses into your draft email, then come back to these instructions. (NOTE: You can make one email [with all addresses], or compose separate emails, depending on your preference.)

3) Copy the following template text, paste it into your “new email,” and edit it as you see fit. Then Send!:

Dear Senator(s) [name of State Senator(s)],

As an Oregonian, I would like to request that you strongly consider supporting SB-421: a bill that would create a statewide student collaborative focused on racial justice and equity. Passage of this bill and the creation of this collaborative would support youth leaders, particularly youth who have been historically underserved and under-represented, in participating in the policy-making process at the state level.

Students need to have a voice in the issues that affect their lives–by supporting this bill, you show us that you know youth input is meaningful and important.

Thank you for your service to our state, and for your commitment to ensuring that Oregon continues to work towards being a just and equitable place to live for all its residents.


[Your name]
[Your email]
[Your city/state/zip (where you live)]
(NOTE: you can remove the brackets, and this note as you enter your information.)