Support SB-854: Interdisciplinary K-12 Climate Education for Oregon

We have included a few options below for submitting a support letter for SB-854. Here is a summary of those options:

1) Copy & Paste Method: This is the preferred method since it comes from your email address! It takes a little more time to complete, but it may send a stronger message.

2) Automated Method: This will create an email that comes from our letter campaign service ( If you’re short on time, that might be fine.

3) For Eugene/Salem Residents: If you live in Senate District 7 (Sen. Deb Patterson) or Senate District 10 (Sen. James Manning, Jr.), please instead consider writing a “thank you” to your relevant senator for being lead sponsors on this bill. You can find the letter campaign to send a quick “thank you” HERE. (If you are unsure of your specific district, please enter your home address using THIS LINK and then send your letter once you’ve confirmed.)



Method 1: Copy and Paste

1) Please open your email, and create a new email (compose). You will be copying and pasting information into your new email.

2) Determine the email addresses for your district’s state (NOT federal) senators and House representatives by entering your home address on this page. Copy their email addresses into your draft email, then come back to these instructions. (NOTE: You can make one email [with both addresses], or two separate emails, depending on your preference.)

3) Copy the following template text, paste it into your “new email,” and edit it as you see fit:

Dear Senator [your district’s State Senator],
Dear Representative [your district’s State House Representative],

As a student living in your district, and as an Oregonian concerned about the climate crisis, I would like to request that you make climate education a priority during this legislative session. Specifically, please review and consider supporting SB-854, a bill for comprehensive K-12 climate change education in Oregon. Senators Manning and Patterson are its chief sponsors, and a number of co-sponsors have already signed on. A brief flyer designed for legislators that outlines the legislation is available at The pool of testimony is growing, and a video with some examples from Oregon students and educators is available at

Thank you for your service to our state, and for your commitment to ensuring that Oregon students are fully informed about climate change and how they can help address the issues we face as a state and global community.


[Your name]
[Your email]
[Your School, and Freshman/Sophomore/Junior/Senior]
[Your city/state/zip (where you live)]
(NOTE: you can remove the brackets, and this note as you enter your information.)


Method 2: Automated