What’s it about?

The “Taking Action At Your School” blog category is for high school students involved in an existing club, or starting or a new one. The information in this category helps develop the structure, roles and details that can help you maintain your club in ways that are less time consuming and more effective. 

How does this relate to Our Future?

Our Future can show up at your school in a variety of ways, and having a club is one of the best ways to integrate the program into your school. Here are the reasons:

  • Clubs are usually acknowledged by teachers and administrators as an official part of the school’s operations.
  • Clubs have resources that an individual student, or group of students that aren’t a club, may not have access to.
  • Clubs already have a basic structure: leaders (e.g. president, co-presidents, secretary, treasurer, etc.) that can help identify key roles, and ensure someone is accountable for the tasks at hand.

That being said, please remember that having a club is not the only way Our Future can be a part of your school! Contact your school’s Regional Leader (by using the contact form on your school’s page), or be in touch with us at Partners for Sustainable Schools (using the “Contact Us” link) and we can discuss the other options.